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Bearchitects is an Istanbul-based design and implementation studio that has realized many successful domestic and international projects under its roof.

The company was established in 2019; Architecture, interior architecture, application project, turnkey, a critical analysis through the lens of urbanism and interiors produces an interdisciplinary workflow with an approach.

By offering original solutions to creativity and innovation in a modern line, we are able to create solutions for the people we work with and according to the spatial needs and tastes of the institutions, it takes care to offer comfort and aesthetics together.

Bekir Erdoğan

Architect / Founder Architect

Ebru Türkkan Karataş

Architect / General Coordinator

Tuğçe Eşkin

Interior Architect / Concept Project Manager

Samet Dalgıç

Architect / Concept Project Responsible

Sena Savaş

Interior Designer / Concept Project Responsible

Berent İlyas Koca

Interior Architect / Construction Site Responsible

Ferdi Çarkcı

Finance and Business Development Manager

Emre Koçak

European Business Development Manager

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